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Aug 20, 2020

With COVID-19 looming and a large majority of the population still in confinement, many are left feeling afraid, isolated, and emotional. Instead of dealing with these feelings head-on, for some, it may seem easier to eat their feelings away and avoid tough situations. 

During this episode, Nat & Jess will deep dive into how unhealthy emotions can hinder our health and create unhealthy habits. Tune in for tips and tricks on how to address emotional eating head-on and create emotional freedom.


  • What is emotional eating 
  • Why do people turn to food, instead of dealing with their emotions 
    • Eating when stressed
    • Eating when bored 
    • Eating unconsciously 
  • How being too far in the masculine can lead to emotional eating 
  • The shadow side of eating 
  • How meditation can help with emotional eating 
  • The art of mindfulness and listening to your body 
  • Healthy habits to combat emotional eating
  • Tips and tricks you can start using today 

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