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Aug 20, 2020

Australian James McAlloon decided to do something epic during Covid 19, and selfishly hit the roads of Australia to walk the 4000 plus kilometers across the Great Southern Land from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland in the country's east, to the Indian Ocean on Australia's West Coast. With a focus of helping others James is raising awareness and funds through his walk for his work colleagues in South America who have been hit very hard by the global pandemic. Chimu Adventures is James's employer and the company jumped at James's suggestion to do good by walking across the continent. In this episode James gives us an update from the South Australian border over halfway through his walk, as he sits and waits for his quarantine time to be served before he can get back out and onto the outback roads of Australia. This is an inspiring episode to listen to someone doing good for others in a time when many others are focused inwardly and forgetting that many souls across the world are suffering perhaps more than them. Support James and follow his adventure though these links